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"Dead of Winter" Poster submissions 

Hey internet! We are gearing up for an Eastcoast tour in February to the edge of the earth (Sydney NS) and back, in the darkest and coldest month of the year. We have dubbed this tour our "Dead of Winter" tour, and are looking forward to visiting some old friends and making some new ones along that long frozen highway. 

What we need from you, is a poster. 

Whether you are a graphic designer, visual artist, you've got a camera lying around, or you just like to draw - we want your submissions. Think "Dead", think "Winter", and think "Murder Murder". Show us what you can come up with.  

-The winner will get a free T-shirt, copy of our Murder Murder Murder album, and two "Murder Murder" shot glasses. Plus their imaginings will be scattered throughout the maritimes and featured all over the internet.
-Runner-up gets a copy of our album, Murder Murder Murder and a shot glass. 
-Other favourites that we don't end up using will get a shout-out and be posted here as well as on our Facebook.

Let the games begin.

Deadline for submissions is: Dec. 22nd at midnight. 

Please email all submissions to

Here are some examples from a quick google images search of "Dead of Winter":

New music video on the way 

Here is a teaser video from our shoot today at the abandoned Burwash prison. We had a hell of a time making it with some great people involved, and the expertise of Adam Robertson behind the lens. We also had an appearance from our beloved XXX Stinger, "the booze you can drink at work". 

I'm Barry Miles!  

Murder Murder would like to welcome Barry Miles to the band! Barry has toured with us before on upright bass, but will be playing banjo and dobro in the band, as well as singing harmonies with the boys. This makes for six, a full van, and a full string band. Check him out at!

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