About Murder Murder

Northern Ontario’s Murder Murder are a six-piece string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. The band takes “rich down-home vocals and churns them with a brand of gothic that is as catchy as it is intriguing; audiences will be swept away by not only the band’s musical talent, but the web of tragedy and tension that the songs spin.” (Emma Sloan, Canadian Beats 2017)

Canadian culture and a fascination with their "Northern" geographical surroundings are the focus of the band's art - all of their narratives are set in Canada, primarily in their home of Northern Ontario. “Rooted in lore, but not bound by it, they incorporate a modern ethos into the mix. Their fiery blend strikes a cord with listeners looking for the best of both worlds: an authentic ode to the past with a fresh sensibility and perspective.” (Elizabeth Andrews, Disarm Magazine 2017)

Since its inception in 2013 Murder Murder has produced three full-length records, five music videos and toured across thirteen different countries. They have showcased at Folk Music Ontario, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, Folk Alliance International, and were 1 of only 18 international acts invited to showcase at the 2017 Americana Music Association UK Conference & Awards in London UK. Festival highlights include Northern Lights Festival Boreal (Sudbury ON), River & Sky Camping and Music Festival (Field ON), Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival (Fredericton NB), Feels Good Folly Fest (Gagetown NB), Up Here (Sudbury ON), the Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic (Aylmer ON), Hillside Festival (Guelph ON), Mariposa Folk Festival (Orillia ON), and Fire in the Mountain (Aberystwyth, UK), and the band is more and more seen headlining festivals, among them Live from the Rock (Red Rock ON), Shelter Valley (Grafton ON) and Blue Skies (Clarendon ON). The band has been featured in videos by Caper Radio, Jeff’s Musical Car, Shoeclack Radio, TFO’s BRBR, performed live twice on BBC Radio, and made it to #1 on the campus charts in both Sudbury ON and Edmonton AB. Their record “From the Stillhouse” has seen regular airplay across the UK and Ireland. 

Murder Murder was nominated for “Best Songwriter” in the 2015 Northern Ontario Film & Music Awards, “Best Songwriter” and “Best Music video” in the 2017 NOMFA’s, selected as a semi-finalist at Indie Week Canada 2015, and elected Regional Champion for Northern Ontario in the 2015 CBC Searchlight Competition. As well as making it to the final 23 bands out of more than 3300 entries in 2015’s Searchlight, Murder Murder was also selected as an “Audience Favourite”. 

Over the band’s career they have shared the stage with many famed Canadian artists, including opening for Bahamas, Shred Kelly, Les Hotesses d’Hilaire, The Silver Hearts, Weber Brothers, Strumbellas, Fred Eaglesmith and Corb Lund.


"They mine the furthest recesses of the soul, those deep deep places, right in the back, where someone who’s crossed us, spurned us or left us unrequited is still burning us, they love the smart of the wound. Murder Murder are the band for revenge, the sound track for wishing harm on others, raw, wrath filled, and gothic in the extreme. Music from the places most of us suppress - and they embrace it with joyous abandon - Hallelujah!" -FATEA Records

"A six piece shit kicking acoustic set up, Murder Murder certainly flail along at quite a pace, the bass and drums propelling their guitars, fiddle, mandolin, Dobro and banjo with some abandon" -Blabber 'n' Smoke

"The difference from the more ‘traditional’ murder-ballad delivery is the vivacity that pervades the band’s music, the darkness and damnation are there but the conveyance has a live-wire approach replacing doleful declaration." -Folkwords

"Some of the songs have an immediate affinity with age-old traditional songs, which is a testament to their commitment to bring life into a style that has been around a long time and needs the occasional kick in the arse. Murder Murder are not the only band doing this by any means, but on their own terms, they may be one of the best." - Lonesome Highway Ireland

"This is a roller coaster of an album built on blood, trains, murder, passion and death / a heady mixture with some of the most infectious and memorable songs I’ve heard in a while." - NE:MM North East Music Monthly UK

"The singers pour honey on brutality... fit to captivate any crowd in Canada" - Grayowl Point 

"Brilliant high-spirited performance here, with dark and compelling twists and turns.” -Take Liberty, CBC New Brunswick 

“By crafting their own fatal tunes, the boys of Murder Murder have taken this century-old tradition and added a unique mark on the contemporary Canadian folk community.” - quipmag.ca 

“J’aime vraiment l’énergie du band, puisqu’il me fait penser à un groupe du Québec comme Canaille, avec un petit côté à la Hank III. Je sais que ce n’est pas très « core » pour le site, mais j’adore… Qu’est-ce que tu veux!” - feelcore.ca 

“No doubt there will be other great albums and bands coming along this year, but it really doesn't get any better than this.” - AmericanRootsUK.com

Awards & Notable Performances

Awards and Recognition:  

2015 CBC Searchlight Northern Ontario Champions  
2015 CBC Searchlight Audience Pick   
2015 NOMFA "Best Songwriter" Nomination 
2015 Indie Week Canada Semi-Finalists
2017 NOMFA "Best Songwriter" Nomination
2017 NOMFA "Best Music Video" Nomination

Festival Appearances: 
2013 - Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Sudbury ON 
2014 - Northern Lights Festival Boreal 
2014 - River and Sky Camping & Music Festival, ON 
2014 - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, Fredericton NB 
2014 - Northern Lights Festival Boreal Octoberfest 
2015 - Feels Good Folly Fest, Gagetown NB 
2015 - Up Fest, Sudbury ON 
2016 - Winterfolk, Toronto ON 
2016 - Fire in the Mountain, Wales UK 
2016 - Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Sudbury ON 
2016 - Mariposa Folk Festival, Orillia ON 
2016 - Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic, Aylmer ON
2017 - Northern Ontario Microbrew Festival, Sudbury ON
2017 - Rubber Boots Festival, Noelville, ON
2017 - Hillside Festival, Guelph ON
2017 - River & Sky Camping & Music Festival, ON
2017 - Blue Skies Festival, Clarendon ON
2017 - Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic, Aylmer ON
2017 - Summerfolk 42, Owen Sound ON
2017 - Northern Vibe Festival, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Past Tours: 
Mar 2014 - East Coast Tour 
Sep 2014 - East Coast Tour 
Feb 2015 - East Coast “Dead of Winter” Tour 
Jun 2015 - Southern Ontario Tour 
Jun 2015 - East Coast Tour 
Oct 2015 - Eastern Canada Tour
Nov 2015 - Western Canada Tour (Incomplete)
May 2016 - UK & Ireland Tour
Oct 2016 - East Coast & Newfoundland Tour
Jan 2017 - European Tour
Sep 2017 - Canadian "Wicked Lines & Veins" Release Tour

Showcase Performances: 
2014 - Folk Music Ontario Conference, Toronto ON 
2015 - Canadian Music Week, Toronto ON 
2015 - NXNE, Toronto ON  
2015 - IndieCan Records Showcase, Toronto International Film Festival 
2015 - IndieCan Records Showcase, Cinefest Sudbury 
2015 - Folk Music Ontario Conference, Toronto ON 
2015 - Indie Week Canada, Toronto ON 
2016 - Folk Alliance International Conference, Kansas City, MO 
2016 - Folk Music Ontario Conference, Ottawa ON
2017 - Americana Music Association UK Conference, London UK
2017 - Northern Ontario Music & Film Awards, Sudbury ON
2017 - Folk Music Ontario Official Showcase, Toronto ON