Sudbury Support, and the road to Kansas.

After an overwhelmingly successful crowd-funding campaign, we have a lot to be thankful for. 
(If you want, check the links at the bottom for a couple of media outlets in Sudbury that had us over to talk about the past few months and getting back on the road.)

Hopefully Dorothy will be hosting a welcome party.

Sudbury is famous for supporting their own. As well as our friends and family organizing a crowd-funding campaign and fundraising events, we want to acknowledge the help of a few key people/businesses:

Midas Sudbury
The Autoboss Sudbury
NAPA Autoparts Sudbury

Gerry at Midas
has been helping us out since July, keeping our late van on the road. When we crashed in Saskatchewan he saw the news and called while we were out there, saying not to worry! He would find a vehicle and get us back on the road.

Jon and Gerry over at Midas on Long Lake Road.

Well he was true to his word, and after a few weeks of back-and-forth with the Autoboss Sudbury, they were able to hook us up with a 2005 Yukon Denali XL at an unreal price. Gerry also got us a great price on brand new studded winter tires, and we will shortly be hitting the road in that tank of an SUV, hopeful that it will keep us safe on Canada's wintry roads.

Just about to get all studded up.

Gerry also talked to his colleagues at NAPA Sudbury, and they have agreed to come on board as our parts sponsor, helping to keep the costs of repairs low and keep us on the road. 

Well, we have about 5000km to drive in the next three weeks - with the grand maiden voyage of our new ride the road to Kansas City Missouri for the 2016 Folk Alliance International Conference. We'll be performing four showcases there for Folk Music Canada, MusicOntario, and the Folk Alliance International First Timer's Room. 

We probably wouldn't be going if it weren't for everyone's help, and we honestly don't know if we would have been able to recover from November's massive loss on our own.

Thank you for allowing us to pursue our passion, and getting us on the road again.  


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CBC Morning North:

Matin du Nord, Radio-Canada:

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  • HKD

    HKD Sudbury

    We love you, just be safe, and continue being the nicest dudes we know. XO

    We love you, just be safe, and continue being the nicest dudes we know. XO

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