3. Masstown Market Dairy Bar, Truro NS

Milkshake Review 

September 28, 2017 

Masstown Market Dairy Bar

Truro, Nova Scotia 

I'd like you to meet Ken. Ken led an ordinary life. His father, probably a banker, grew up in a rural community, from blue collar parents, wanting their son to get a white collar job. His mother, likely an artist, chased a potential career until she became pregnant, and society as it was, she was compelled to put her dreams on hold to commit herself to motherhood. Ken was an ordinary child. He liked to play sports, was occasionally successful in them, but was overall an ordinary athlete. He enjoyed school, had his strengths and faults, but more or less met society's expectations of what a child should achieve. The adult world hit Ken like a railroad tie, as it does most of us, and he experienced this world in his own way, slightly unique as it is to us all, but more or less shaping and molding him into society's cuckold, an unfortunate cog of the fortunate machine that many of us fall victim to. He went to college, maybe even university, and reached for a white collar job, possibly a banker, yet more than likely something else, as he had an ordinary resentment of his parent's lifestyle and/or failed dreams, and desired to carve out his own piece of the world. He likely fell in love, married, possibly even fathered a child or two from this first marriage, and divorced at some point, a result of his career or boredom putting too much pressure on the marriage. He would likely remarry, or wouldn't, go through a series of events that would constitute a life but not living, and continue on the beaten path of mediocrity until his death bed. 

This milkshake was Ken. 


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  • Vicki

    Vicki Sudbury

    Ha ha! That's the perfect description of a mediocre milkshake. Well done.

    Ha ha! That's the perfect description of a mediocre milkshake. Well done.

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