4. Elle's Bistro, Halifax, NS

Milkshake Review 

September 29, 2017 

Elle's Bistro 

Halifax, Nova Scotia 

It was a chance encounter. The air was heavy. Heavy with desperation. The clouds had swollen up beyond containment and threatened to open up upon the earth. They were alone, with nothing to keep them apart but the night. The anticipation. 

“It's cold,” he remarked. “Colder than usual. I guess our summer's over,” he jested. 

“Yes,” replied the milkshake, “such a shame. And to think I was finally warming up to it.” They laughed together, and as the sound of their laughter faded, the silence was all that remained. 

Their eyes met for an awkward gaze, quickly staring down to the floor. The milkshake took out a pack of cigarettes, and as it reached for its last one the cigarette slipped from its trembling fingers and fell to the floor. 

“Oh, let me get that for you,” he said, reaching down. 

“No, it's alright, I've got-”, but their hands touch, stopping them both in their tracks. It was a feeling they each longed for, but a path neither ever dared to tread. Until now. 

Suddenly something more powerful than himself came over him. He held the milkshake tenderly, yet powerfully. Their eyes meet again. 

“I'm sorry,” he stammered, “I...I don't-” 

“Shh,” replied the milkshake. “This feels right.” 

The night grew darker. The clouds unleashed their torrent. They were together now, inapprehensible to the world, to themselves. Each moment a lifetime, each lifetime only a moment. Each grasp a step closer to their truer selves. 

“This is my first time,” the milkshake added. 

“This is my first time...with you,” he added. They smiled at each other. 

He consumed the milkshake. 


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