Press Quotes

03.17.14 Grayowl Point ( ”The singers pour honey on brutality... fit to captivate any crowd in Canada.” 

01.28.15 Take Liberty, CBC New Brunswick (“Brilliant high-spirited performance here, with dark and compelling twists and turns. I love the gang or lets say "posse" type vocals on this and the shuffling rhythm of the percussion."  

05.20.15 Two-way Monologues ( “Rad as hell band.” 

05/15 Paul Knowles, CBC Searchlight 2015 Audience Pick (!/cbcsearchlight/) “The guys from Murder Murder are from Sudbury, my home area code. Means they’re hard as coffin nails. Guarantee they've fired shotguns, hefted an axe, and used a rope for a belt before. Murder ballads on the frontier? Yes, sir! And 'bloodgrass'? C’Mon! As good a sub genre-defining sound as hardcore was to DOA.” 

05/15 Mike Miner, CBC Music (!/cbcsearchlight/ ) “While growing up there, my friend Al told me: "Sudbury breeds angry people." I'm not sure if that's true, but Murder Murder (a terrific roots band we first heard during last year's Searchlight competition) sure reminds me of that opinion." 

07.02.15 ( “By crafting their own fatal tunes, the boys of Murder Murder have taken this century-old tradition and added a unique mark on the contemporary Canadian folk community.” 

07.13.15 Grayowl Point ( “From the Stillhouse proves that a) Murder Murder can probably extend this “murder ballads only” premise to infinity and b) the band are masters at conveying these tales creatively. / There’s a lot to love despite all the spilled blood.” 

07.21.15 Kerry Doole, ( “Despite the dark themes, there's an exuberant feel to much of their music.” 

08.01.15 @AdamCarterCBC ( “Flipping a genre on its head has never been more subversive, or fun.” - 

08.31.15 Antonio Geraldo, ( “J’aime vraiment l’énergie du band puisqu’il me fait penser à un groupe du Québec comme Canaille, avec un petit côté à la Hank III. Je sais que ce n’est pas très « core » pour le site, mais j’adore… Qu’est-ce que tu veux!” 

08/15 ( “Comparisons to a band as peerless as the Old Crow Medicine Show are unavoidable but it doesn't take long when listening to this tremendous album by Murder Murder to realize that whilst they have stylistic similarities and as much fire and passion they cover a different musical range. / There is clarity and excellent separation and the vocals and playing are not only highly skilled but also full of the fire and passion that helps set them apart from most bands. / Fairly obviously I love this album! / No doubt there will be other great albums and bands coming along this year, but it really doesn't get any better than this. Great album by a great band!” 

04.28.16 Lonesome Highway Ireland ( 1.“Think along the lines of punk-infused old-time music, Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions and a touch of the Pogues and you might have an approximate idea of what this 6 piece band sound like.” 2.”Some of the songs have an immediate affinity with age-old traditional songs, which is a testament to their commitment to bring life into a style that has been around a long time and needs the occasional kick in the arse. Murder Murder are not the only band doing this by any means, but on their own terms, they may be one of the best.” 

05.08.16 Folkwords, Tom Franks ( 1.”The difference from the more ‘traditional’ murder-ballad delivery is the vivacity that pervades the band’s music, the darkness and damnation are there but the conveyance has a live-wire approach replacing doleful declaration. There's tales of illicit moonshine, bloody gunfights, broken hearts, forbidden love and desolation - all driven by some high-energy string-driven Canadiana.” 2.”The tracks arrive like a hurricane - blowing hard, with darkening-skies and tinged with lightning.” 

05.19.16 Rudie Humphrey, FATEA Records ( 1.“They mine the furthest recesses of the soul, those deep deep places, right in the back, where someone who’s crossed us, spurned us or left us unrequited is still burning us, they love the smart of the wound. Murder Murder are the band for revenge, the sound track for wishing harm on others, raw, wrath filled, and gothic in the extreme. Music from the places most of us suppress - and they embrace it with joyous abandon - Hallelujah! It’s rich, exquisitely played, full of riotous rebellion, cheery abandon, unsettling so when you realise it is all about deed done bad.” 2.”It's a flurry of frantic fiddles and banjos bowling along at rocketship pace, without distracting from the terrific story songs.” 3.”It’s a terrific record, guaranteed to leave you gasping for air, and probably in a pool of blood.”  

05.23.16 NE:MM North East Music Monthly ( 1.“This is a roller coaster of an album built on blood, trains, murder, passion and death.” 2.“A heady mixture with some of the most infectious and memorable songs I’ve heard in a while.” 3.“The band sound like they’re having the time of their lives and the whole thing has a lurching joy that can only come after too many beers in the wrong type of Saturday night bars.” 4.“The band can whip up quite a storm on their largely acoustic instruments.” “The whole album, at times, is reminiscent of ‘The Band’ at their best.” 5.“If you want to hear songs filled with fire and vinegar alongside great playing and deep dark truthful emotions then this Murder Murder album is for you - highly recommended.” 

05.24.16 Blabber ’n’ Smoke ( 1. “A six piece shit kicking acoustic set up, Murder Murder certainly flail along at quite a pace, the bass and drums propelling their guitars, fiddle, mandolin, Dobro and banjo with some abandon, indeed the occasional break from their breakneck numbers here are welcome respite, a chance to catch some breath.” 2. “The vocals are rousing while the band is like a well-oiled machine, the instruments meshing splendidly, the songs packed with dynamic shifts in tempo that add to the drama.” 3. “There’s a rabble-rousing element to the album, like Old Crow Medicine Show or even Dropkick Murphy’s music these songs should take to the stage like a duck to water.” 

06-07/16 Country Music & Dance In Scotland Magazine ( “This album was a complete blast. So much energy, so much originality, and just a great CD to listen to.” 

06.22.16 Americana UK ( “‘From the Stillhouse’ is a fine example of what can be done with bluegrass in the 21st century”. 

07/16 Acoustic Magazine UK “Once you pluck up the courage to listen to what these guys have to offer, you’ll discover nothing more sinister than a kicking bluegrass band from the frozen wastes of Ontario. Tales of death and violence, evil winds and sweet revenge / which are all played with the kind of manic intensity we associate with bands like the Pogues, and are set off by some expert flailing banjo, rasping fiddle, and a suitcase kick drum. Some truly great songs set this bunch of desperadoes well ahead of the pack”. 

07.15.16 Phil Vanderyken, Folk Radio UK ( 1.”So what we have is a musical offering that combines some very competent bluegrass musicianship with the spirit of outlaw country, and a healthy dose of punk rock attitude.  Think a bit of Pogues energy with some of the darkness of a Nick Cave song or perhaps an ancient blues tune.”   

09.10.16 Fuori Legge ( 1. “I Murder Murder sono divertenti e spietati”. 2. “Murder Murder sono irresistibili in tutto e per tutto". 3. “I Murder Muder sembrano venire dal passato, ci riempiono le orecchie di buona musica, dal sapore d’altri tempi, sporca e impolverata”.