From the recording Wicked Lines & Veins

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If you please it's forty five degrees
And it looks like it's only getting hotter
I won't lie I would be obliged
If you could spare just a little cup of water
Old Mr. Baer and his mean old mare
And five of his pretty little daughters
Went down to the river while the sun burned high
To fill five barrels full of water

He went around the bend with his gun in hand
Hoping that he'd shoot a couple otters
There was one in the grass and she was fast
But Mr. Baer pulled the trigger back and shot her
With his mood improved he went to find his brood
With his arm slung firm around his slaughter
But to his surprise one of the pails was dry
And he was down one pretty little daughter

Mrs. Baer took her remaining heirs
And sat ‘em all so prim around the table
She put the pan on the heat for to fry the meat
When a little grease dribbled on her apron
She bent and reached for a jar of bleach
And was shocked when she couldn't find the bottle
She turned around and that bleach she found
And they were down yet another pretty daughter

Then three young gals and a schoolyard pal
Went out walking Miller’s Ridge
The friend bent down for to fix her gown
And a Baer girl went over the edge
Old Mr. Baer, he put a team together
And they all went searching ‘round the bottom
And as the story’s told the trail went cold
And they never did find his little daughter

Bad times come in threes
Sometimes the bad times never go
When something oh so sweet decides to let a little darkness show

In the morning the sheriff, he pulled up to the Baers’
Said I think it's time we speak
Don't you find it suspicious that you and the missus
Have lost three babies in a week
As he spoke he turned and choked
And saw a Baer girl brandishing a knife
Pointing at the breast of a Sunday dress
She was aiming for to take her sisters life
Well Mr. Baer that's your trouble there
Grabbed her arm and threw her in the car
One was safe but it was far too late
For the other three pretty little daughters