From the recording Wicked Lines & Veins

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I have marked the land
Watched the foothills shape the sand
Where a dead man made his stand
In the Tansey's faded light

Foreign soil on my feet
But damn the borders, damn the beast
Laws be left out in the east
And as I've read, eye for an eye

Wicked lines and veins
Mark the north side of the plains
They've got nothing left to claim
Not even God, his eternal right

Wicked voices tempted me
Said "Cut 'em down before they flee"
They've got nothing left to bleed
Only dark left for the night

Little Soldier pleaded peace
Stolen horses be set free
Bootleg whiskey let it be
This blood's worth more than all the price

But I saw something on that plain
Like a fire within my veins
You can't expect something to gain
Without offering sacrifice

We burned that cabin down
Ashes smoldered to the ground
Headed south, Montana bound
Sobered up, I start to writhe

Moments passed more like a dream
Broken thoughts I can't unsee
As the coyotes crossed the stream
Sad and bruised, I pondered life