From the recording Wicked Lines & Veins

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Me and my brother Jimmy, we made a thousand dollars
Rolling delivery trucks on Highway 17
Jimmy spent his cut all on whores and coke and discount liquor
I had other schemes

I took my five I bought a gun and stole my cousin’s pickup
Made it to Bayfield before I dumped it at the pier
I thought I’d hole up in a motel for a couple days
That’s when I met Irene

Irene was hard, she packed a knife,
and she swore like a trucker
She ran the scams on all the boys in from the bay
She wore her hair in Monroe curls and boys she was a beauty
I could not look away

Next day she moved her things into that room where I was staying
That old grey motel all the way down Legion lane
We spent our days in that double bed wrapped ‘round each other
Boys I felt no pain

And every Tuesday evening we’d go down to Miller’s Pool Hall
We’d find some sucker sitting lonely at the bar
She’d take him to the men’s room, get his pants down to his ankles
I’d wait in the car

And when she’d finished and she’d snuck off with that bastard’s wallet
She’d hop in the car and we would flee the scene
It didn’t bother me the things she did at Miller’s Pool Hall
I knew she loved me

After three odd months when we’d amassed a tiny fortune
Little by little through our various charades
We kept it hidden in the top drawer of our motel dresser
Hollowed out King James

Friday morning I went into town to get the paper
Stopped for a carton of her favourite cigarettes
When I got home that old King James was out and he was empty
I had lost my breath

Well I went through the dresser drawer and found her clothing missing
That she had cleared all her belongings off the sink
Well it was then I found my world had gone and crashed around me
I couldn’t even think

Irene, goodnight
Irene, goodnight
Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene
I’ll see you in my dreams