From the recording Wicked Lines & Veins

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Well, eighteen years I've been cleaning this gun
But it ain't make a lick of sense
I can shoot damn straighter than any grown man could
By the cotton on my dress
Now the trouble and strife of a barkeep's wife
You don't hear much anymore
When you settle right down in a one horse town
It's the bottle or the floor

It was round last year when the pass was clear
And the winter all but done
The bar was filled with drink and cheer
And Cain, the lumberman's son
Now Cain and Bill, that man of mine
Could not see eye to eye
And he saw his chance to end it all
But he did not see my knife

She held him up on a cool clear night
And she robbed him of his life
You may pass through town but don't mess around
With the cold bartender's wife

Now young Nadine was a pretty little thing
With locks upon her head
And any man who'd pay the price
Could take her to his bed
But the night I found that bastard Bill
Well, he paid a price or two
With a corkscrew pin in my good right hand
I stuck them through and through

She held them up on a cool clear night
And she robbed them of their lives
If you have your fun you will come undone
By the cold bartender's wife

So they found the bodies all wretched and cut
The sheets were stained and red
And the fear and shock and restless thoughts
Went running through my head
You see, something snapped that night I found them
Loving and entwined
I thought of Cain and that sweet Nadine
And I damn well lost my mind

So I hacked and cut my way through men
The rich and poor and meek
The look of fear upon their face
Sent me laughing in a shriek
But I finally felt the cudgel blow
And the gash across my cheek
And my throat was cut but with any luck
They'll be cleaning it for weeks

Cause they held me up on a cool clear night
And they robbed me of my life
There's no jailhouse cell but a place in hell
For the cold bartender's wife
For the cold bartender's wife