From the recording Wicked Lines & Veins

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He wore a tattoo
It read “hard as stone”
Underneath his chin and just above his collarbone
Six foot two, and he drank Walker Red
Towed around his wife who hung on every word he said

That skinny little wife
She made her living dancing
To pensioners and veterans who'd stick dollars in her panties
They'd go out and she'd drink Cuervo Silver
He'd shoot pool and lose and then he'd go home and he'd hit her

That was their life
Such as it was
Spending all her money on lingerie and cover-up

Tongues of silver
Hearts so cold
Wash it all away out in the hemlock grove
Shaking off the dust until I shine like gold
It's gonna shine like gold

Even her mama said that she should leave him
The next day he'd be sober, say he'd changed and she'd believe him
She'd buck up, put something on with sleeves
Sit down in that chair and close her eyes and make believe

Cars rolling by
Young couples in love
The winds come blowing and they’re kicking up the dust
He wore a tattoo that read “hard as stone”
One day she woke up and found some fire of her own

There went his life
Such as it was
Sometimes enough is just enough