1. 11 Abilene

From the recording Wicked Lines & Veins

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Once I had a darling wife
Her name was Abilene
She had hair like ravens’ feathers
And eyes of olive green
If she ever looked at me with sadness
Her sadness I would end
And if she'd cried for nothing
I'd fire into the wind

I could not spare a thought for those
Who could not understand
That evening we went walking
And I asked her for her hand
She was my religion
And I loved her like a sin
How could we have know of all the trouble we'd be in

I've never been a man who’s took to weeping
But I cried like a child when she wouldn't leave our bed
It seemed her very soul had took to grieving
She couldn't shake those memories from her head
When she was finally void of hope
And I found her hanging from that rope
It took all the strength I had to cut her down
And I packed my horse and rode off into town

I knew how to find them
I knew where they hung around
So I showed up and barred the doors and I burned them to the ground
Now all has turned to ashes
And that smoke hangs thick and still
The shell that is my body is all that's left to kill

Once I had a darling wife and I'll see that girl again
When I hear the riders coming I'll fire into the wind