From the recording Murder Murder Murder

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She gleamed as she spoke to me, that night in Cedar Park.
She said boy you'd better keep your head, I change when it gets dark,
But I ignored her every word, with the simplest of ease.
I could not escape the flames that licked up at her knees.
She turned into a monster, just like she said she would.
Those flames burned out quickly and I fell face-down in the soot.
My heart began to harden, and my eyes turned bloody red.
Where I used to wish that woman well, now I wish that woman dead.

If the sky should fall
It's as good a night as any
I'm alone at home, trying to sleep without my baby
I could not tell you where she's gone
But I know its not my bed
And if the sky should fall I'll bring it down upon her head

I'm a mean young man,
Since that woman done me wrong.

Now I'm alone, since she turned my soul to ice.
I lay in bed and dream a million ways to end her life.
This city's filled with holes and tunnels deep and lost.
Where the only things that'd find you there would be darkness, dew and frost.
I know that I could get away if I set my mind to work,
Take her body and her soul, lay them both beneath the dirt.
Then I`d drive that dim road home as though nothing here had changed
Do away with her belongings, the very memory of her name.