1. 05- Diana

From the recording Murder Murder Murder

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I first laid with her on a rainy Sunday morning
My heart beat like a kettle drum
She was 23 and I was only 14
I could not know, for I was far too young...
That our strange affair to her, was only fleeting
She had a husband and three babies back at home
She came to me to say that she`d be leaving
I did not take it well, I have been told

I loved Diana more than words
She was one in a million
Up until I threw her to that rushing, wide Vermillion
I can`t look at it the same, since I threw that girl away
Now Diana I don`t love you anymore

I`m older now and I am sad and lonely
I often think about the thing I done
No one knows just what happened on that Sunday
Or of the living hell my life`s become
The image of her children haunts me daily
And if they`ve grown up motherless and mean
And if their father`s turned his broken heart to whiskey
The only one that they should blame is me.


I remember how she fought that rushing water
How her finger tips clawed up at the shore
She cried to me as the waves crashed upon her
She would see her darling family never more
Now I fear for every woman I get close to
That I may be an evil villain from her dreams
For my sins I know the lord will cast me into
Hell to suffer for eternity.