From the recording Murder Murder Murder

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I left home when I was young, I left a trail of blood in my wake
My father, he was heavy handed, I cut his throat for my poor mothers sake
Just left her lonely.
I laid out from Onaping, I figured I was on my way to hell
I Hitched a ride with a beauty queen, couldn`t keep my hands to my self
She seemed lonely.

I landed broke in Mattawa, with nothing but my knife and bloodied hands
I held a cup on Poplar street, I was so hungry I could hardly stand
And I was lonely.
I went to rob a liquor store, hand outstretched, white knuckled on the blade
He gave me nearly everything, but I killed that old attendant anyway.

You see sir that was my story, for 30 years I`ve locked myself away
These prison walls I cut from the pine trees, I learned to keep my evil safe at bay
but I`ve been lonely.
Its a shame son that you`ve come to find me, but then again I`ve waited all this time
So go on sir, drink up your coffee, empty up your cup and spend the night
you won`t be lonely.