From the recording Murder Murder Murder

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It broke out at the legion and the whole town, they were there
The women started screaming but the fighters didn`t care
Two men staggered out into the rat infested street
Glaring at each other through the heat.

The first one was so handsome every woman knew his name
All dressed in fine attire, nothing on that man was plain
And the second one so ugly, but a deadness in his eye
Said he would kill that handsome man if he did strike.

When the devil comes to life here in the street
You better take cover when they open up and stack bodies at their feet
If you can brave the storm, coming straight for this here town
Then turn your head and lay your money down.

Yeah well, the handsome man, he quivered as they stood there face to face
The town folk all felt sorry, no one dared to take his place
Well the ugly one had killed before and had bounties on his head
And we knew that handsome man would soon be dead.

Well the pretty boy he drew his gun, his opponent did the same
But his handsome face turned ugly as that bullet pierced his brain
In the crowd we held our breath as he fell onto the floor
That handsome man wasn`t very handsome anymore.