From the recording Murder Murder Murder

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Oh dear, how could this happen
Killed three men in a Buffalo tavern
Left them lying on the floor
High-tailed it across the border

The fight broke out, it was half past ten
I pulled up to the front and went walking in
He was standing at the bar with one of his friends
And Jimmy his cousin was his closet kin

I came through the door and they were staring at me
I could see from their faces they were less than happy
I got a little closer, I started laughing
Got up to by a drink, that's when they attacked me


I took the first by his head and I caved it in
Dragged a shard of glass underneath his chin
Jimmy was standing drinking “vodka 7’s”
Killing his cousin didn't hardly effect him

The second man swung and he swung wide
I put his own blade right between his eyes
His body went limp and to my surprise
Jimmy just stood there as cold as ice


Jimmy got up and he raised his hand
He said you've done well but I'm a tougher man
The room fell silent and they stopped the band
The crowd thinned out, that's when it began

The “vodka 7” soared through the air
I ducked, it missed and he raised his chair
I shouldnt've suspected the fight to be fair
It happened so fast I could not prepare

I felt that chair crashing over me
Blood in my eyes I could hardly see
I kicked Jimmy right in the knee
And Jimmy fell down hard off his feet

I started bashing him in the head
With the front door stop that was made of lead
His head split open and boy he bled
After the first five blows I knew he was dead


When I got back to Parry Sound
Six a.m. no one around
Careful not to make a sound
My wife was sleeping in her evening gown

I crawled over and said baby wake up
I need a little comfort my night was tough
She said boy do you look rough
Held me tight and we made love