From the recording Murder Murder Murder

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I must admit that I was made a fool
By a long legged blonde-headed beauty
I loved that girl with a fire across my chest
Just as warm as the prevailing winds from the west

I lost my baby on that fateful day
When the winds changed direction they blew her away
Now I'm alone
And the cold northeast winds blow

Just as quiet as she could and with such slight of hand
She dressed in the night and ran off to see that man
I went down the road following her feet
Through the snow to his dirty old trailer down the street

I could smell her perfume from the moment I pulled up
Heard my daddy's voice replaying “boy you'd better lock her up”
Now I know
Why the cold northeast winds blow

She thought she could slip away softly
She thought that I was a foolish man
He thought he could steal that woman off me
But the winds changed again

I stepped from my truck and I came face to face
With a run-down sorry excuse for a place
Windows were covered with cheap plastic sheets
To the front door I waded through snow up to my knees

I found my baby on that fateful day
When I walked into that trailer and I blew them both away
And I went home
And the cold northeast winds blow