1. 4- Duck Cove

From the recording From the Stillhouse

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I was an orphan, just seventeen
When I signed my papers and headed to sea Dust on my boots and sand in my throat
I traded it all for high tides and peacoats

I never knew love though I found him there
With a hitch in his step and a wisp in his hair
We'd meet in the dark and when that ship was moored We'd take a drop boat and row it to shore

(chorus) Guns on the broad side Back to the wind
Until we meet again

We'd meet at night-fall, creep quietly round Hiding in shadows for fear we'd be found
For without discretion we both would be shot Beaten and drowned if we ever were caught

What could we do man what could be done We found ourselves so deeply in love
We spoke of forever, a boat of our own The mighty Atlantic, a place to call home


I never felt so low,
I looked through the port hole
And I saw the drop boat
headed for Duck Cove
The thought of my lover
out with another
Somebody else than the
one who has loved him

It pained me more than I could explain
I had not the voice to call out his name
If they will run I will chase them ashore
For the sake of those cowards
What could I do more


I set away in the cold of the night
The winds they were howling
and nearly capsized me
But I forged ahead and I hit the shore
Saw the drop boat in pieces
all but the oars

They lay together both barely alive
The stranger turned over
and opened his eyes
He said “I know what this looks like and though you think it wrong,”
He said “please save my lover,”
then he was gone
I felt such power and fury that night
I picked up a rock took that cold bastards life