1. 5- Movin On

From the recording From the Stillhouse

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Son of a working man
Sharp tongue and a heavy hand
He said son keep your hands clean
Parry Sound’s a quiet town
not too much trouble to be found
And I've looked everywhere that it could be

From the floors of dirty bars
To the back seats of dirty cars
I drink and swear and cheat and steal and lie One thing I know is true
is that there's nothing I can do
There's so much trouble in my life

(chorus) I'm movin’ on
There will be no more trouble in my life
I won't fear all the shadows hanging over me When there's no more trouble in my life

I got friends in Brown and Hardy
And a brother down in Carling
I got family up north in Sudbury
Everybody knows
that I can't set foot back in Mowat
There's folks there'd like
to get their hands on me

I met boys across the border
We played cards and now I owe them
I pressed my luck one too many times Everyone who knows my name knows that I'm the one to blame
For all the trouble in my life


I got a brand new job
Hauling timbre up in Pog
I got a girl and boy she keeps me fit
If you see my family tell them
I've been keeping to myself
I've been living like a good man ought to live

Riding through Horne Payne
A boy stopped me on the train
He said I know you stole my brothers wife He thought that he was tough
I knocked him down he never got back up Brand new trouble in my life