From the recording From the Stillhouse

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Come brothers and sisters,
and lend me your ears
Do your sins weigh upon you?
Does your soul walk in fear?
Do you seek redemption?
Are there answers you crave?
Look not any further,
for your souls shall be saved

Once I was just like you,
so greedy and proud
With a voice full of anger,
and I shouted out loud
Then a light shined upon me,
so graceful and true
And if you will let me,
I’ll shine it on you

(chorus) So gather the angels,
and sing us a prayer
When his sights are upon you,
you can’t hide anywhere
Now accept and rejoice him,
not with pride, not with shame
And you’ll know my intentions,
when the lord calls your name

There’s no room in heaven
for sinners and fools
Who waste all their efforts
on women and jewels
Or spend evenings in taverns
with harlots and whores
Then come crawling on Sundays
to beg me for more


I know it seems hopeless,
that salvation is lost
For your souls to be pardoned,
your life is the cost
Won’t you join hands together
as we’re cleansed in the flames
There’ll be no need to thank me
when the lord calls your name