1. 9- Alberta Oil

From the recording From the Stillhouse

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A tall and wealthy Texan
Walked a dusty Texas street
He stopped into a barroom
And found himself a seat
He looked up at the barkeep
and said please pour me a round
I've finally got my papers,
now I'm Alberta bound

He landed in the country
where the oil runs so thick
Found himself an acreage
started making money quick
Went out on the weekend
for to have himself a time
A woman in the tavern caught his eye

She had on a ballroom dress
look like she stole it from the queen
It was easy to tell she was
a gal of many means
Right away he knew that
he just had to meet that girl
Grabbed her hand and took her for a whirl

(chorus) He was buried with his passport
in a black Alberta ditch
His life was cut far too short
by a cold Alberta bitch
We all knew what had happened
and it gave us all a fright
He was buried with his passport that night

In those few weeks it seemed
to be going pretty well
Every Sunday evening out
in her home he'd dwell
They went down to the river
for to take a little walk
Held her close as she began to talk

From the shores of Athabaska
to Peace River and Cold Lake
All across the province stretched
her father’s vast estate
Everyday her father makes money out of dirt
Someday soon that fortune would be hers


No one’s seen that Texan
for many, many years
Listen to my story children,
don't you cry no tears
And if you should see fit to pull
your fortune from the ground
It's best to never be Alberta bound