1. 11- Jon & Mary

From the recording From the Stillhouse

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Let me take you back to my momma’s store
I saw her browsing through the stock
With flowers on a summer dress
and her boots were caked in mud.

She seemed to look right through me
I couldn’t take my eyes from her.
She winked and smiled cooly
and snuck some candy in her purse.

From that day on I followed her
like a broken hungry dog.
She showed me things I had never seen things that I knew nothing of.

Every night I’d find her throwing
pebbles at my door
I’d chase her through the moonlight
When I couldn’t take much more she’d say
Run just a little bit farther

They had plastic wrap for windows
in that shack out on the edge
and I never saw her daddy
her momma left them both for dead.

I found her on her doorstep
with her toes stuck in the clay,
she said her dad went off the deep end
what he did she wouldn’t say.

Well I was her’s completely
when she gently took my hand,
said this world has turned its back on us
we’ll take everything we can.

In a hot-wired Impala
On some highway headed West
when my mind began to wander
she'd take off that summer dress
Run just a little bit farther

I parted with things
that I never though I’d sell.
It’s got to where I barely recognize myself.
The boy I was is gone,
it’s written on my face.
All the time that he spent dying,
her beauty never waned.

Long before I knew it
she threw a pistol in my lap.
She said there’s things that they have taken and its time we get them back.

Let me take you back to that liquor store, there was fire in my blood,
she was standing there in a summer dress and her boots were caked in mud.

I stood there cold and shaky
with a pistol in my hand.
I knew when I saw the shotgun
it was us or it was them.

Sirens backed by sunset
in that little border town.
We ran to that impala
and left him lying on the ground.

Flying down those side roads
the night was dark and so was I.
As we raced on through the moonlight
I felt my eyes began to tire.
She said Run just a little bit farther
Run just a little bit faster