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Eastman Endorsement 

We are very excited to announce our new endorsement by Eastman Guitars! We just took our new Eastman mandolin out for a rip at Fred Eaglesmith's 22nd Annual Charity Picnic this past weekend, and it's a beauty of an instrument. Glad to have something great to take on the road with us. 
#Eastman #eastmanguitars #iplayeastman

From the Stillhouse UK & Ireland Tour 

We've been hard at work over the past few months, and are finally ready to announce our first-ever trip across the Atlantic to tour Ireland and the United Kingdom. Big thanks to Ontario ex-pat Darren Eedens for booking this tour for us: 20 shows lined up in just 1 month of touring. We'll be heading across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland - with shows in Dublin, London, Glasgow, Cardiff, and more. Check the full list below, and let your friends know if we're headed their way. 

12/5 Colfer’s Pub, Wexford 
13/5 Whelan’s, Dublin 
14/5 JJ Harlow's, Roscommon 
15/5 Bronte Music Club, Rathfriland 
17/5 Bar 236, Prestatyn 
18/5 Late Lounge, Rhyl 
19/5 The Caledonia, Liverpool 
20/5 Bar 236, Prestatyn 
21/5 Private Party, Bristol 
24/5 Golden Lion, Bristol 
25/5 The Bell Inn, Bath 
26/5 Undertone, Cardiff 
27/5 The Grapevine, Exmouth 
28/5 Stramash, Edinburgh 
29/5 McChuills, Glasgow 
30/5 Vintage Fair, Cardiff 
1/6 Magic Garden, London 
2/6 Doctor's Orders, Sheffield 
3/6 Telford's Warehouse, Chester 
4/6 Fire in the Mountain Festival

Official Release this Saturday: CBC Searchlight Mixtape 2015 

Live on Elgin! March 12th - 220 Elgin St. 2nd Floor, Ottawa ON 
Doors at 9:00pm | Show at 10:00pm 
$12 Advanced | $15 Door 


Anyone who has been listening to CBC radio lately has heard that they are gearing up for this year’s CBC Searchlight Competition. This Saturday night, in the nation’s capital, we are excited to release a collaborative compilation album from ten Finalists of last year’s competition. The “CBC Searchlight Mixtape 2015” is a grab-bag of the best up-and-coming Canadian artists, and represents a wide variety of music from coast-to-coast. Order your copy from “Bloodgrass" enthusiasts and Northern Ontario Finalists, Murder Murder, at, or get one from your local finalist!  

Huge thanks to Duplium ( for sponsoring the Mixtape. 
Artwork: Matt Maranger 
Mastering: Andy Magoffin’s House of Miracles 

Track / Searchlight Finalist / Region:  

1. ”Fault Lines" / Scary Bear Soundtrack / Iqaluit NU 

2. ”I Won’t" / Ivory Hours / Windsor ON 

3. ”Jon & Mary" / Murder Murder / Sudbury ON 

4. ”Original Sin" / The Fall Line / Montreal QC 

5. ”All We Have" / The Royal Foundry / Edmonton AB 

6. “July” / The Dearhearts / Calgary AB 

7. ”The Ballad of Salty Hair" / The Bennett Sun / Whitehorse YT 

8. ”Sparkles" / Shy Sharity / Vancouver BC 

9. ”On the Inside" / The Burn Ins / Kelowna BC 

10. ”Drift" / Lost Cousins / Ottawa ON

Sudbury Support, and the road to Kansas.  

After an overwhelmingly successful crowd-funding campaign, we have a lot to be thankful for. 
(If you want, check the links at the bottom for a couple of media outlets in Sudbury that had us over to talk about the past few months and getting back on the road.)

Hopefully Dorothy will be hosting a welcome party.

Sudbury is famous for supporting their own. As well as our friends and family organizing a crowd-funding campaign and fundraising events, we want to acknowledge the help of a few key people/businesses:

Midas Sudbury
The Autoboss Sudbury
NAPA Autoparts Sudbury

Gerry at Midas
has been helping us out since July, keeping our late van on the road. When we crashed in Saskatchewan he saw the news and called while we were out there, saying not to worry! He would find a vehicle and get us back on the road.

Jon and Gerry over at Midas on Long Lake Road.

Well he was true to his word, and after a few weeks of back-and-forth with the Autoboss Sudbury, they were able to hook us up with a 2005 Yukon Denali XL at an unreal price. Gerry also got us a great price on brand new studded winter tires, and we will shortly be hitting the road in that tank of an SUV, hopeful that it will keep us safe on Canada's wintry roads.

Just about to get all studded up.

Gerry also talked to his colleagues at NAPA Sudbury, and they have agreed to come on board as our parts sponsor, helping to keep the costs of repairs low and keep us on the road. 

Well, we have about 5000km to drive in the next three weeks - with the grand maiden voyage of our new ride the road to Kansas City Missouri for the 2016 Folk Alliance International Conference. We'll be performing four showcases there for Folk Music Canada, MusicOntario, and the Folk Alliance International First Timer's Room. 

We probably wouldn't be going if it weren't for everyone's help, and we honestly don't know if we would have been able to recover from November's massive loss on our own.

Thank you for allowing us to pursue our passion, and getting us on the road again.  


Northern Life:

CBC Morning North:

Matin du Nord, Radio-Canada:

On the road again - 2016 Winter Performances  

Now that we are back on the road, we are excited to announce some upcoming gigs and showcases this Winter.
We'll be getting a new-to-us vehicle shortly, and headed your way soon!

JAN.21 Murder Murder @ The Motley Kitchen, Sudbury ON (SOLD OUT!)
Murder Murder performs at the Motley's popular Dinner & A Show series

FEB.10 Paquin Presents: Melissa Payne and Murder Murder at the Dakota Tavern, Toronto ON
Showcase presented by the Paquin Entertainment Group agency
Facebook Event:

FEB.12-14 Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival, Toronto ON
This festival hits the Danforth on the Feb long weekend, and will have Murder Murder performing Fri night and Sun afternoon.

FEB.17-20 Folk Alliance International Conference, Kansas City MO
Showcasing for Folk Music Canada, MusicOntario, and the FAI Official First Timer's Room

MAR.5 Northern Ontario Microbrew Festival, Sudbury ON
We are headlining this year's Microbrew Festival at the Steelworker's hall.

MAR.12 Murder Murder & Wolfie @ Live! on Elgin, Ottawa ON
Wolfie is releasing a new album, and Murder Murder is hitting the stage with them for their first ever appearance at Live! on Elgin.

Fundraising is going to get us back on the road! 

Raise a glass! Just six weeks after we were stranded on the frozen Saskatchewan plains, we are back in Sudbury and celebrating. Celebrating the support that our friends, family and all of you have shown us. Heck, we even got a giant novelty cheque with the total from all the fundraising, and we are happy to say that we will be back on the road in a few short weeks. 

Keep an ear out as we will be announcing a lot of exciting 2016 touring very soon, and we want to see you all to say thank you. Cheers.

Winnipeg & the Train Ride Home 

By the end of Friday night we were all safe in Winnipeg. We all gave a huge sigh of relief, and then many of the guys went straight to bed, exhausted from the week's events. Kris and Wiewel's families took great care of us - keeping us fed and warm, letting us catch up on our sleep, and even shuttling us around as much as they could - until the train left on Sunday night. 

Winter in Winnipeg:

On Saturday afternoon we were wandering around Winnipeg's beautiful Exchange District when we heard that our friend Louise was in town (who you may know from her work at River & Sky), touring with Bahamas across Canada as their lighting tech. She had heard about our situation, and we were surprised to receive a message saying that she had added us all to the guest list for that night's concert. 

After supper we made our way to Winnipeg's Burton Cummings theatre for the show, all very much needing that chance to relax, do something normal, and listen to some live music in that beautiful space. The theatre was gorgeous, the show was great, and we talked about putting that on our list of goals - to play that stage in the coming years. 

After the show we went to the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club with Louise, Dawn Dubya, and some members of Bahamas. That's where Murder Murder was supposed to play the following Friday with our friend Micah Erenberg, and it was bittersweet to spend time in that iconic venue. The Times Change(d) is one of Canada's premiere roots and blues bars, and our show there was the one we were most looking forward to of our Western tour. 

The next day we had to pack. That meant looking through all of our gear, deciding what we could take, what we could leave there, and what we would need to throw out. We had a ton of gear and didn't want to go over our limit, so we picked up some plastic bins at Walmart that fit Viarail's checked baggage dimensions, and also used packing tape and garbage bags to combine some items. After a huge feast of Chinese food that Kris' parents ordered for us, we made our way to the train station in a convoy of pickup trucks and got checked in with Viarail, which was (as you might expect) a bit of an ordeal. 

Happily, we shuffled some things around and everything worked out. There were lots of hugs and then we were on our way. 

We got on the train just before 11pm. We stayed up for a bit chatting, and then we all tried to get some sleep...

Winnipeg to Sudbury by train is a 26-hour trip, and we mostly passed the time playing cards, chatting with some of the other passengers, and watching the wilderness rocket by in the bubble car. Some of us even jammed for a couple of hours with Robbie Hancock, who was there performing as part of Via's Artists on Board Program. 

The 26 hours of the train were a dream-like time warp. It both seemed like forever and a split second, and we were surprised to hear the engineer announcing that we were coming up on Capreol. A few minutes later we were home, greeted by friends and family as we exited the train in Sudbury. It was coming up on 2am, and as per our long-standing ritual for after a long stint on the road, we made it to the Townehouse for last call to celebrate that we were all back safe.

Thank you all for keeping an eye and an ear on us, having our backs, and for your support throughout this whole turn of events. The outpouring of generosity from our community has been truly humbling and with your help we are going to be able to get back on the road. Kris' finger is healing, we are looking for a new van, and we are starting to book shows. Thank you for being with us, and making everything possible. 



We went off the road at about 2pm, on our way from Brandon MB (where we had played the night before), to Regina SK (where we were to play that night). Kris, Steph, and Sam were taken to the hospital in Broadview SK, and the rest of us stayed with the RCMP and waited for the tow truck driver, picking through the frozen snow to collect strewn belongings, and trying to keep the instruments warm in a pile covered in blankets. The wind blew viciously, the freed sheet metal of the trailer flapping menacingly in the wind. Jon, Barry, Geoff and Matt huddled in the shelter of the trailer and sorted through things, jettisoning garbage and broken items. Underneath the trailer the ground was soaked deep red, a broken 10L bag of homemade wine. 

After about 2 and a half hours the tow truck came and righted the van. We got everything packed back into the trailer that we could salvage, and they towed the van and trailer to Whitewood SK, only a few kms up the road. The RCMP gave us a lift, and when we got there the good people of OK Tire graciously allowed us to keep our instruments in the warmth of their vehicle bay, and to keep our gear in the lobby past close. Once we had booked a couple of motel rooms at the nearby Quest Motel, they even helped us shuttle our bags in their truck to the safety of our rooms. 

The boys didn't get back from the hospital until a few hours later, waiting for a hospital worker to get off work who offered to give them a ride. That night we buckled down in the motel, drank a bunch of apple pie that had survived the crash, and watched The Last Waltz on Barry's laptop. 
Kris's finger needed to be looked at in Regina the next morning by a plastic surgeon to see whether a skin graft would be necessary. The only issue with this was that Whitewood SK (Pop.950), despite being right on the Trans-Canada, is a very difficult place to get in and out of. We called the nearest taxi service in Esterhazy SK, which said it would be $340 to Regina. There is nowhere to rent a car anywhere near Whitewood and it was nearly 200km to Regina. Only one bus leaves each day in either direction, and the one headed West was scheduled for 4:05am.

We stayed up after the movie and all walked down to the 24-hour gas bar which is also the greyhound stop. All of us were there sitting and waiting for the bus, trying to keep our spirits up. At 4:30, still no bus, but the attendant assured us that they always call if it the wait is more than an hour. 5:05, still no bus. Finally a little after 5:30 the bus came and Kris rode off to Regina with Barry and Sam to accompany him.

Barry passed out from exhaustion after the day's activities in the truck stop diner booth:

The boys got to Regina, and were done with the hospital by 10am. They could have caught the daily greyhound back East at 11am, but we had a ride-share to bring them back at 12:30pm so they didn't worry about it. In the interim, a fan from Regina found the boys a place to crash, as they had been up for nearly 26 hours and were pretty devastated. 

The 12:30 ride-share fell through, but we found them another one at 6pm... which also fell through. It turned out that they would have to spend the night in Regina, but that where they were currently sleeping wasn't an option. They crossed town to get to Quin Desjardins', who put them up for the night, and in the morning they would catch the greyhound back to Whitewood.

Meanwhile, back at the OK Tire, Geoff, Steph, Wiewel and Jon worked at organizing a way home, dealt with the remains of the vehicle and getting it scrapped, and went through the van and trailer, salvaging what they could, and bringing everything back to their tiny motel room.

Both Kris' and Matt's parents live in Winnipeg, and they graciously saved us from being trapped in Whitewood by braving the 800km round-trip journey to pick us up, in both a truck and a rental van. The Greyhound from Regina was of course delayed again, this time for 2 hours, but by the end of the Friday night we were all very relieved that everyone was safe in Winnipeg. 

Van down.  

Well, as many people may have seen, we went off the road outside of Whitewood SK on Wednesday, and miraculously all walked away with our lives. We haven't been able to give any updates, but now we are safe in Winnipeg, and taking the train home tonight (another 26+ hour-long travel adventure).

Here are some news stories about the crash:
Sudbury Star

Here is a our IndieGogo Campaign that our friends and family have started to help get us back on the road.

We will update with more info soon! 
Thanks for being there for us.

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